Apparently I really like my whiskey and I like to talk about it… a lot  


Circa 1976 at the “laundry room bar” during the holidays. 

My History with Whiskey:
I had the unique opportunity to work and travel all over the UK and Europe for about 5 years back in the 90’s. During that time I traveled a lot for my job, living out of suitcases and in hotels for weeks on end.  The benefit to this was the ability to visit the hotel bar every night and try just about every bottle of scotch the hotel had on its shelves – each  night I just tried the next bottle over (What a great way to spend the company’s money!). I had the pleasure of meeting amazing people, developing some amazing tales to tell and being able to drink some amazing whiskeys.

The last decade I have been enjoying the exploration of what our own county  has to offer in the realm of bourbons and rye whiskeys.  I am also really excited about the influx of micro distilleries in tbe Seattle area.  So much whiskey to try – so little time.

I hope you enjoy the site!