How to Pronounce Your Scotch Whisky

Posted by on Oct 6, 2017 in Discussion, Discussions, Scotch
How to Pronounce Your Scotch Whisky

I’m not one to act like I know how to pronounce every make of scotch out there.  When I do learn a few of them I try and think of some mental tricks to remind me:

For Aberlour – think of “flower”. For GlenMorangie – think of “M-orange-e” … and so on.

But every once in a while I will go to ye olde YouTube to find someone who knows better. Most recently I found a set of videos made by Esquire which features the Scottish actor, Brian Cox.

As the Huffington Post article references about the videos “The genius of this idea lies in the details: Cox is Scottish, his voice just sounds like Scotch tastes and his personality leads us to never, ever doubt his authority”.

I would say that he is a pretty good source to believe in.




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