Water Helps the Taste of Your Whiskey – Science Confirms It!

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Water Helps the Taste of Your Whiskey – Science Confirms It!

Popular Science recently posted an article that states chemists have now confirmed that a splash of water does in fact help with the taste of your whiskey, with science to back it up.

Here is a link to the full article:
Chemists confirm that whiskey really does taste better with a splash of water

The article states that diluting your whiskey with water makes it more flavorful, especially if it’s scotch whisky.  The article goes through some fancy chemistry jargon and added a new word (Guaiacol) to the mix of other words that I will never remember, so I will not try and restate what this article goes into detail already.  If you are interested in the finer details, I would suggest you read the article.

In real-life terms, this article proves something that I have known for many years. That is, the taste of whiskey tends to “open up” when water (or an ice cube if preferred) is added. My belief is also by adding a bit of water to the whiskey helps calm down the alcohol taste you might experience right at the beginning.

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