3 Howls Single Malt Whiskey

Posted by on Dec 27, 2015 in Amercan, Bourbon, Scotch
3 Howls Single Malt Whiskey

A Northwest Newcomer with Old World Taste of the Islays 

3Howls Info:
Distillery: 3 Howls Distillery (Seattle WA)
ABV: 46.5% (90 Proof)
Price Point:  $$ (About $45+)
Preferred Way to Drink: Neat or 1-2 ice cubes

It’s Christmas time again (my how the time flies by).  These days half of my wish list consists of new bottles of whiskey that I haven’t had a chance to try out yet.  The list is long but I am happy to receive anything that is either on the list or not.  My wife Tammy seems to get me a bottle or two that was on the list and then one that was not.


This Year’s Christmas Catch: Dimple Pinch, Old Forester Single Barrel and 3 Howls

This time the she picked a winner in a small batch single malt whiskey from 3 Howls Distillery in Seattle WA.  To assume that all whiskey made in America is considered Bourbon or Rye would definitely be wrong in this case. This little gem is far from the familiar tastes of the spirits coming from the Kentucky and Tennessee regions and closer to what you would find in the Islay region of Scotland.  Lighter in body but with a full taste of the familiar peat and smoke you would find in the classic Islay malts.  If I was to compare this to the familiar brands of the area I would say that it packs a bit more peaty punch than a classic Bowmore but not as much as you would find in Laphroaig or Ardbeg.

On the 3 Howls website (www.3howls.com) they describe this bottle as such: ” Inspired by Scotland, yet uniquely Northwest. This delicious whiskey combines Northwest brewing specialty grains with traditional Scottish peat smoked barley”

Well done Will & Craig (Owner/Distillers at 3 Howls).  I love what you created and I toast to your success in the future!


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