Halloween Tales

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Halloween Tales

Happy Halloween Everyone!

It’s always fun to look back at Halloween photos of years gone by and reflect on simplicity of life back then.  It’s great that we now have all this fantastic technology that enhances our lives, but we seemed to do just fine without having access to LED flashlights and blinky costumes, scary animatronics and mobile phones to post our pics onto Facebook.  In fact, I believe that this picture was actually taken with a camera that used film and contained no batteries!
What hasn’t changed is that my sister Sabrina (The hockey player) still loves sports, my sister Trilby (The Halloween ballerina on the right) still loves to be festive and dress up, and I still love tigers.

Halloween was definitely a fun time for our family. Several of the families would get together for a mass outing of trick or treat around the neighborhood.  We would run door to door with our pillow cases and plastic bags trying to accumulate as much booty as we could while the parents chaperoned with cocktails in their hands (I believe some whiskey might have been consumed during these outings).

Foss Family Halloween Party, Los Angeles 1972

The Foss Family Halloween Party, Los Angeles 1972


Bryan and Tammy - Los Angeles 1998

Bryan and Tammy – Los Angeles 1998

Fast forward a few years and it brings me to another iconic Halloween memory (one that occurred not to far away from where the 1972 picture was taken).  Tammy and I met in Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles about 8 months prior to this picture.  By the time Halloween came, I had already accepted a new position up in Seattle and had started my move up north. We were now giving the the long-distance relationship our best shot (Which involved one of us getting on a plane every few weeks to visit each other).  It was my time to go down to LA for the Halloween party at one of our favorite dance spots, which is where this picture was taken.

Little did she know that I was already planning how I was to get her up north with me.





Looking for a spooky cocktail to make tonight?

Check out the killer drinks that my sister Trilby has concocted on her site dedicated to making festive cocktails for festive occasions.   Just click the image to go to GidgetandLarue.com.

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